Monday, October 3, 2011

More Downtown Sydney Nova Scotia

Service Centre on Prince Street used to be the Nicos Video Store and long ago it used to be the Garage for the People to Get their Cars Fixed and when the garage closed down it became the Store that sells Lots of Apples and it is Across the Street from Co op Basics on Victoria Road and it used to be the Co op Gas Station on Prince Street as well.  Whitney Avenue Leads into Sydney Academy and Ashby Elementary School and Welton Street Leads into the Mayflower Mall then into Glace Bay.  Former Company Houses used to be for the Steel Workers and their Families to Live in the Company Houses on Victoria Road, Dominion Street too.  It has a Pier Ball field very close to the Fire Department and Noels Cookie and Country Cupboard Shop is also  on Victoria Road.

Home Hardware is one of the Stores on Prince Street in Sydney they Sell Paint, Chip Rock, Wood, Tools, Garden Stuff, Rakes, BBQ's Bath, Kitchen, all the Other Home and Garden Stuff and they also sell Lawn Mowers, Whipper Snipper, Tractors to Cut the Grass, Snow Blowers, Shovels, Scoops, Salt to melt the ice during the winter time and when it is really cold outside they even sell sand too.  The Home Hardware has Lots of Customers and Employers are doing great and A lot of People shop at the Home Hardware to Buy Hammers, Saws, Chain Saws to Cut the Tree Branches and Drills to Build a Dog House they even sell Gas tank too.

Hong Fa Restaurant is one of the Chinese Restaurant on Prince Street and they Sell Chinese and Canadian Food there and They Sell Sweet and Sour Chicken, Soo Gai, Egg Rolls, Rice, Plum Sauce, Soy Sauce, Sweet and Sour Sauce and they sell Chicken Gai Ding too.  They even Sell Cheeseburgers, French Fries, Chicken Strips, Club House Sandwiches and other things too and across the Street from Hong Fa Restaurant a Gas Station that where the People in their cars to Get their Gas when the cars run low on fuel.  Esso Gas Station sell Motor Oil for Cars like Gastro GTX,  All the Other Car Cleaning Stuff too.

Mini Mall is on Prince Street across the Street from Hong Fa Restaurant the Game World Store was in that Mall and People used to Rent Video Games and Buying Video Games and Gaming Consoles Such as Ninterndo 64 and Playstation one and other Gaming Systems too they sold a lot of video games and rent a Video games too and the Greek Restaurant they sold Donairs and Other Greek food there and they had some other stores and it have the Travel Agent Office there too.

Fortune Star Chinese Restaurant is another Chinese Restaurant is Right Next Door to Ashby Video and this Restaurant had Chicken Balls, Soo Gai, Chicken Gai Ding, Rice Sweet and Sour Sauce, Egg Rolls and other Kind of Chinese food as well.

Big Bens Convenience Store is one of the Corner Stores on Prince Street they Sell Ice Cream and Other Kind of Junk Food as well and They Sell Fireworks too  Big Bens is a Great Store and they have a lot of customers to Buy the Chips and Pop and Bar and other kind of junk food there too and they buy popcorn as well to watch the movies.

Oympic Shoe Repair to Fix the Shoes and Skates and They sharpen the Skates for the Next Hockey Season when People play hockey at the Pier Rink, Centre 200 and They even sell Fireworks too and it is on Prince Street close to the Nova Scotia Provincial Building and Close to Sydney Academy High School and The Olympic Shoe Repair used to be down at the Sydney Shopping Centre Mall they had to leave because they want more room in that building and it used to be a Something Else there a While ago.

Sobeys is Under Renovation and They are Expanding the Sobeys and Putting another Store there and after the Sydney Shopping Centre Mall was torn down and New Shoppers Drug Mart is Bigger than Ever Before and When the Sobeys is down it will be Much Nicer and Bigger than Ever Before.

Fitness Centre is where the People go there to Do Weight Lifting and other kinds of Exercise and People to Lose Weight and Get Stronger and Become More Active and this Gym is a Very Nice Gym on the Corner of the Johnson Street and Prince Street and Master Meats is on Johnson Street and they sell Good Corn Beef and a lot of other kind of Meats there too and they also sell Chicken and Steaks there too and at the Fitness Centre is the Place for the People to Become a Member there just like YMCA on Charlotte Street and down at the YMCA they have Swimming, Basketball, Pre School, Racquet Ball, Squash, Weight Room at the YMCA on Charlotte Street.

94,9 The Cape is the Radio Station on Prince Street and they have Music, News, Sports, Headlines, and 94.9 The Cape is a Radio Station on Charlotte Street and People listen to 94.9 the Cape Radio Station for Music, Weather, Sports, Headlines and other kinds of News too.

Northbound on Charlotte Street has Lots of Stores and Offices and Kick Boxing Club is above the Capri Club and the North End of Sydney has los of Law and Justice Offices, Lawyers Offices, Hair Dressers, Doctors and Dentists offices too and Holy Angels High School is History Now it used to be a high school in early year 2011 until the June 2011 and the Holy Angels High School is now Closed down.

Charlotte Street Southbound and they have lots of stores such as Spinners, The Bargain Store, Cape Breton Regional Library, YMCA and Lots of People walk up and down the Charlotte Street to get to the Stores and Game Rus is on Charlotte Street too and Lots of people that Came from the Cruise Ship they shop on Charlotte Street and southbound on Charlotte Street Leads to the Wentworth Park.

Delta Hotel is a Very Nice Hotel and Lots of Tourists from Away when they come to Sydney Nova Scotia they Stay at the Delta Hotel and People come From Halifax and Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and the United States of America and the rest of the Free World when they come to Sydney Nova Scotia they stay at the Delta Hotel they have the Nice Big Swimming pool and a Hot Tub and They have very Nice Meals too and few of the People that lived on Frederick Street and when the Government Torn down These Houses they even stayed at the Delta Hotel and Same with Peoples Houses Caught on Fire and Burnt down to the Ground too.

Big Fiddle and the Sydney Marine Terminal and The Big Fiddle is the Biggest Fiddle in the world.  Lots of Cruise Ships come there during the Summer Months when the Weather is nice and Lots of People Come from the United States and the Cruise Ship Leaves New York City and Florida they stop at Boston Massachusetts and the Cruise Ship stops at Sydney Nova Scotia after that and People Look at the Scenery at Sydney Nova Scotia when people Come from Other Cities in Canada and United States and the Rest of the Free world they visit Sydney Nova Scotia on the Very Nice Cruise Ship and they go to the Mayflower Mall to do some Shopping and They Have Concerts at the Sydney Marine Terminal such as Rock the Dock and other Kinds of Concerts were there too.  A lot of People that come from away to Visit Sydney Nova Scotia during the Summer Months by the Cruise Ship and they see the Big Fiddle.

Wentworth Park is a Very Nice Park in Sydney Nova Scotia and People walk there all the time and Kids going under the Water Fountain at the Wentworth Park to Get Cooled off during the Major Heatwave in the Summer time and People are having Fun going for a walks at the Wentworth Park on the Hot and Sunny Day during the Summer Months and the Water Fountain is so Beautiful it has the Lights and Water and it is Nice and Cool during the Very Hot weather in the Summer Time and Frankie MacDonald was there on October, 3 2011 and Frankie MacDonald walk all the way to the Wentworth Park for something to do.


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